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July 14, 2022
Instant Pot vs Pressure Cooker: Which is best? Pros and Cons

Over the last couple of years, the Instant Pot has taken the cooking world by storm, with it being the latest gadget to capture the hearts of people all around the world. People are always looking for ways to make their life easier, and one way this can be done is by reducing the amount […]

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July 13, 2022
What Are the Cheapest Electric Heaters to Run?

Heaters..are they expensive to run? When winter starts to bite, it can be common to start searching out alternative ways to heat your home. Electronically powered heaters are the best answer to fighting the deep freeze, but you might be left worrying about the added costs on top of your, already expensive, winter heating bills. […]

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July 13, 2022
Gas stove from electric stove? Can you convert and if so, how?

When you consider that most professional kitchens are equipped with gas and not electric stoves, you begin to wonder what benefits they must have and how much your own cooking could be improved if you were to make the switch. But with electricity being the most common cooking fuel across America, making the switch might […]

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July 11, 2022
What to do when your Whirlpool ice maker stops working

Whirlpool ice maker stopped working? We have the answers With summer well and truly upon us, it has never been more critical that your ice maker is producing ice. The last thing you want is to be preparing for a barbecue, or a party, or you just want an ice-cold beverage and you release that […]

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July 5, 2022
How to turn off a smoke alarm

Need to turn off your smoke alarm? Did you know that up to 96% of all homes now have smoke alarms fitted? Over the last 50 years, the number of fatalities caused by home fires has dropped considerably, thanks mostly to the humble fire alarm. However, whilst most people are fully clued up on the […]

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July 3, 2022
Dead Ryobi Battery? Here are 6 Methods to Fix It

Nothing is more frustrating than when you're all set and ready to do some DIY and your Ryobi battery is not charging and doesn't want to play ball. You may be tempted to just give in and buy another one, however they aren't cheap so it is worth trying to fix it before resorting to […]

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June 30, 2022
Best ways to reset Samsung ice maker

Samsung is an industry-leading, extremely reliable producer of appliances and their ice makers are no different. However, they are not perfect and like any ice maker, there will most likely come a time when you need to reset them. We don't want you to be kept from your ice-cold beverages for too long so we […]

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June 27, 2022
How much does it cost to repair a phone screen?

Broken phone screen? How much will it cost? You've a broken phone screen? It's happened to us all unless you are one of the sensible ones who keep their phone in a super-strong case at all times... Even then, it's still 100% possible to break your phone screen. There are a number of different options […]

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