December 26, 2022
How much does a window AC unit cost to run? Calculate the costs

Air conditioning is one of those things you don’t really appreciate until you really need it! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of relief you get when you walk in from a scorching hot day outside to a cool and welcoming house. It makes everything so much easier - sleeping, working, and even simply walking […]

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August 17, 2022
How much do fans cost to run? Do they use a lot of electricity?

Fans don't use too much electricity and aren't crazy expensive to run; the standard ceiling fans only use about 50 watts, quite a small amount. However, when we start getting towards the bigger and more expensive fans that take a lot more power, you're looking at over 100 watts, and it begins to get a […]

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July 21, 2022
Tower fans vs pedestal fans – which one is best?

During the long hot summer days (and nights!) a fan can be your very best friend! Providing welcome relief from oppressive heat by generating fast-moving air, they are an essential addition to millions of bedrooms and living spaces across the world. But with hundreds of different makes, models, and fan types available, knowing which one […]

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