March 8, 2023
Countertop oven vs regular oven: 10 tips to help you decide which one is best for you?

Countertop oven vs regular oven: differences, benefits and more No kitchen is complete without a reliable and trustworthy regular or countertop oven. Whether you’re a beginner, experienced cook or a professional chef, you need an oven that meets your needs and fits your kitchen space. But with the wide range of ovens available, it may […]

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March 2, 2023
The 101 of installing a kitchen range safely: gas, electric & other considerations

Flush the range to a wall Installing a gas kitchen range flush to the wall can be a daunting task, but taking the right steps can make the process much smoother. The first and perhaps the most critical step is to ensure that the gas line is correctly connected and sealed. This is essential because […]

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February 15, 2023
Troubleshooting lack of propane flow from the tank: 10 causes and solutions

Lack of flow from the propane tank When a propane tank is connected to an appliance, a lack of gas flow can be one of the most frustrating issues that can occur. Fortunately, there are many possible causes that can help identify the problem and, when addressed, will help restore the flow of gas. Typical […]

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February 9, 2023
Fix your oven: 10 common issues and expert tips for troubleshooting

If you feel like you cannot fix the issue, always reach out to a professional for help. It’s dinner time, and you’re about to fire up the oven for a delicious home-cooked meal. However, when you turn it on, nothing happens – your oven is not working. While it’s understandably frustrating, don’t worry. You can […]

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February 7, 2023
How to stop your stove’s annoying beeping: troubleshoot the source

Why is my stove beeping, and what should I do? Are you dealing with a beeping oven or stove that won’t stop? It can be a very frustrating problem that can have multiple different causes. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common reasons why your stove may be beeping, as well […]

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February 6, 2023
Oven that keeps burning food? Expert tips & fixes

Signs of a malfunctioning oven Ovens can malfunction and go well above the temperatures we ask of them and keep burning food due to heating element or fan issues. Common signs that the heating element may need replacing include burning smell, slow pre-heat times, uneven heating, and browning or burning food on one side. If […]

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February 3, 2023
Slow cooker making clicking noises? 10 Points to diagnose and fix.

What causes a slow cooker to make a clicking sound? Slow cookers are a great way to make delicious meals with minimal effort required. However, clicking noises coming from your slow cooker can be quite concerning. Before you go out and buy a new pot, there are several common causes of a clicking noise that […]

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January 22, 2023
16 Tips for fixing an oven door that won’t close properly

Fixing an oven door that won’t close Does your oven door not close properly? Are you frustrated and don’t know where to start? We understand the difficulty of dealing with a wonky oven door. Fortunately, it can usually be solved in seven simple steps; so read on to learn more! Tip 1: Check the oven […]

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October 28, 2022
Oven smells like burning plastic? Here’s what you can do to stop it

Don’t put up with burning smells There’s nothing quite like the smell of bread baking in the oven, or a batch of freshly made cookies is there? The smell is warm, comforting, and homely. But sometimes our ovens create smells that aren’t quite so appealing, causing us to fling the windows open wide in the […]

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August 17, 2022
Are convection microwave ovens worth it? Pros and cons

Are convection microwave ovens worth it? Trying to decide? Trying to choose between a regular oven and microwave oven is always a tricky and difficult thing to do and gets overwhelming easily. That is why a convection microwave oven helps to combine the best of both worlds so that you don’t have to worry about […]

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