January 4, 2023
Solving the Mystery of Your TV’s Restarting Problem: 5 Fixes to try

Fixing a TV That Keeps Restarting TVs are a great source of entertainment, but what happens when your television suddenly starts restarting continuously, refusing to finish a single show? Whether you’re binge-watching your favorite classic series or playing the latest video game. If your TV is stuck in an endless restart loop, this article will […]

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August 1, 2022
My LG TV turns off by itself – why is this happening? 10 most common reasons.

TV switching itself off? Here’s why. LG Electronics is a Korean company who are committed to providing its customers with innovative solutions to their everyday problems, helping them to lead better, easier, and more efficient lives. LG TVs are amongst the very best available on the market, and their realistic pricing strategy makes investing in […]

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