How much does it cost to repair a phone screen?

Written by Adam Morris
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Broken phone screen? How much will it cost?

You've a broken phone screen? It's happened to us all unless you are one of the sensible ones who keep their phone in a super-strong case at all times... Even then, it's still 100% possible to break your phone screen.

There are a number of different options in terms of repair, you may even have a warranty you've forgotten about, if so, stop reading and double-check if you do.

We've dug into the data, and taken a little sprinkle of our experience to compile a complete guide to phone screen repairs and the costs.

Why does the price of repairing a phone screen vary so much?

Depending on the type of phone you have, its age, type of technology, brand, and size, the cost of repairing your phone can differ vastly. Getting your old iPhone with a small screen repaired may be a super simple job, however, the latest iPhone isn't going to be as easy.

Repair from the manufacturer

Samsung and Apple both offer repair services for their devices, they operate office repair services which ensure that you get the original parts, testing, and in most cases extra warranty.

I would expect that it's one of the biggest repairs they do across the board both Apple and Samsung provide transparent pricing on their websites: Samsung phone repair pricing, and Apple repair pricing.

To get your Apple iPhone phone screen repaired you are looking between $110 all the way through to $329, the iPhone 5 being the cheapest, through to the latest iPhone model, the iPhone 13 being the most expensive.

If you are looking to get your Android screen repaired, this ranges even further, Samsung repairs models further back than Apple, meaning it can start as low as $79 but then pushes all the way through to $600 due to some of the complexity involved in the latest Samsung screens, especially the folding ones.

As you will see me discuss a lot on this website, the improvements in technology just mean we end up paying more to break things..

Repairs through a third party

It's important to note, that with third-party repairs, you are missing that manufacture guarantee, which will be voided. It may work out cheaper now, but in the long run, could end up costing you more.

There are a variety of different third-party services to choose from, you could use a site like Swappa, which you can send your phone off to, and get it back in no time. The other option is to go down to the mall, there is no end to the number of people offering phone repairs while you shop.

The prices range drastically here as it very much depends on type of phone again, but you also have the variable of the rate the repair shop or person is charging, this can vary based on location, day, hour or simply whatever they feel like charging you at the time.

DIY phone repair

The cheapest option, and of course the one the Appliances Made Simple team would push you to try, but also in some cases the riskiest. Repairing your phone screen yourself, again depending on your phone can be pretty straightforward, it's going to be cheap (if you get it right).

There are plenty of kits that you can order online from places like eBay & ifixit, that provide you with the new parts as well as the tools you need. There are kits available for most makes and models, which can cost you between $50 to $150.

Repairing your own device isn't the most straightforward of tasks, the kits will come with detailed instructions, but it can still be difficult. If you fancy your hand as a bit of a DIYer then go for it, you'll save a bit of money and learn a new skill in the meantime! If you maybe aren't as great at using a tiny screwdriver, it may be worth going to a professional.

So, what's the true price of fixing your phone screen?

Well, it depends... We've provided some rough price ranges in this article based on your device and method of fixing, there are plenty of pros and cons for each method, we love repairing things, so we would always suggest having a go, but maybe with your iPhone 5 rather than your brand new iPhone 13 or Galaxy fold.

Appliances made simple. 

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