How to Lock Your Door Without a Lock - Super Simple Solutions

Written by David Lewis
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There is a million and one situations in which you might need to quickly lock your door and its an extremely urgent situation, well here we can go through the most effective ways that you'll be able to keep the door barred and the most important thing, keep yourself safe!

The traditional locks are obviously the most simple way but they aren't always available and they aren't always working so you could be waiting around unsafe without a locksmith, here are the best alternative ways.

Top Ten Ways to Lock your Door


The most basic way to get the job done, instead of placing it in front of the door to stop it swinging closed, you cram it really tightly behind the door when it is shut to prevent it being opened. This is effective because even if they can turn the doorknob, there is a physical force behind the door to prevent it from being opened. Its a simple and effective technique to lock your door when your look is broken but can definitely be paired with something else for an additional bit of safety. This method is great as its super cost-effective, quick and quiet, as well as using things that will be laid around in most houses.

Tip: If you don't have a doorstop in your house, you can construct a makeshift one with cardboard or a sock , these are quite as effective as their wooden counterparts, but will still do the trick.

Lock your door with a portable door lock

These little devices are fantastic for people who are always on the move and don't really have the time to install anything permanent, they also fit onto a multitude of things so that you wherever you're staying, its versatile enough to keep it locked. The device essentially consists of a metal device that fits over the current latch and prevents it from being opened. They were originally designed for hotels, motels, dorms, etc, but are really effective and can be used just about anywhere.


This only really works with lever style doors but its an effective way to lock your door shut and prevent it from being opened, especially since ropes can be really tough and leather is hard to break through. The main idea here is to wrap the rope around one end and then to secure it around something solid on the other side of the door.

This is also probably the most effective method of opening a door that opens outwards, as it can be a difficult thing to do. For extra safety, some examples of things to tie the belt or rope to are a sofa leg, fridge leg, or heavy dining room table.

Back of a Chair

The key here is to make sure its a nice sturdy chair that isn't gonna crumple under any weight and is going to keep the door lodged upwards and prevent it from opening. If you balance the chair in the right way then the pressure will keep the handle facing upwards so that it can't be opened. A problem here is that if the handle opens upwards to open the door then this isn't particularly effective. That's why though however, you can pair this with a rope or belt for an extra level of safety and very secure door.


A simple fork can be used to temporarily lock your door that opens inwardly, bend the pointy parts of the forks into the lock so that it can rest comfortably in the gap between the door and the lock and stops it from being opened, this can be a little tricky to get the hang of but once you have it down its a pretty effective way to keep the door securely shut.

Note: You need to use a flat handle fork, a curved handle fork isn't going to work.

Security Bar

A much stronger option that can take on a considerable amount of force from an intruder that is trying to break the door down for example. Its a simple idea that consists of slots in the walls on either side of the door that allow for a long piece of metal or wood to go across the door and stop it from being broken into. You can use different materials like wood or metal for different levels of security, and simply take off the bar when using the door. The problem here however is that this isn't going to work on outward facing doors.

Door Jammer

This little tool is an adjustable little DIY blocker to stop people from opening the door inwards, it works by having one side coming from the floor upwards and tucking tightly under the doorknob or lever to keep it closed. It works especially well as it puts all the pressure of some opening the door onto the floor rather than the sides or the lever, etc. It doesn't work great with outward opening doors so that's another one that will pair perfectly with a rope or belt tied around the doorknob.

Floor Barricade

These handy little devices are made of two pieces, a brace and a base, with the brace easily detachable from its counterpart. A floor barricade is good for people who can make some permanent changes to their home, but less so for people who are moving around or staying in places that aren't necessarily theirs. This is because this device requires the base installing into the floor with screws, so whilst its not always viable for everyone its a good resort for people in their homes.

Removing the Doorknob

As a little bit of a last resort, you can remove the door handle of the door and whilst its not the greatest way of keeping people out, it will definitely be a big hurdle for anyone without all of the proper equipment. It will essentially completely stop people opening the door with traditional means, but there is certain equipment that means that you can turn the mechanism without the right door handle.

Strike Plate Lock

This clever little device just goes right on the side of your door and essentially works like a door chain, but the strike plate lock to prevent the door from opening, which is more more reliable than the normal set of screws on the back of a door.

How to Lock your Door without a Lock?

The Quick Fix

Some of the best methods for a straight away quick fix, as well as the cheaper ones, are the doorstop, the portable lock, the chair behind the lever, and the belt. For extra safety try and use multiple, like a chair and a belt for example, or the maximum amount of security you can achieve in a quick period of time.

The More Permanent Solution

The best more permanent solutions are the floor barricade and a security bar. They are some of the only options that are gonna resist a lot of force like someone trying to kick the door in or break it down, and the majority of the options are pretty sustainable.

How to Discourage Thieves in the First Place

Options for at home

-Install a home security system, definitely the most effective way.

-Get a dog, loud dogs and intimidating dogs will terrify burglars or thieves, but make sure to train them well.

-Lock every window as well as your doors.

-Installing motion lights will scare thieves as they will think someone is awake when they enter the house.

Final Thoughts

Security is important wherever you go is always super important, and it's even more important to feel safe to go out and about without fearing your belongings. A simple doorstop of items you can gather around will help you feel safe in a temporary environment you aren't living in forever, and pairing it with a belt around the handle will be even better. If you're looking at a more permanent solution to your home, the security bar and the floor barricade are really strong options that can stand up against lots of trauma and power and keep you safe with relatively few drawbacks. Pairing these with a classic belt around the level will also help!

How do you lock a door with a fork?

Bend the tips of the forks into the door latch so they sit there comfortably while the door is closed. Open the door, break off the handle the fork and put the fork tips back into the door just before closing.

How do you jam a door?

A door jammer is the best tool for this as it will force all the pressure from trying to open the door onto the floor, keeping it firmly in place.

How do you lock a door with a belt?

A belt is a very good item that is easy to find that you can use to lock the door by wrapping it around the lever to prevent it from moving, the tighter you can get it, the better.

How can I lock my door with a sock?

A sock can be used in a similar way to the door stop, you just have to make sure to shut it really tightly under the door to make sure its blocked.

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