The red light on your Samsung fridge won’t turn off? We’ve got the fix, find out how to reset & fix it.

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What is the red light for on the Samsung fridge?

The red light on your Samsung fridge is an indicator that the water filter needs to be replaced.

If you’ve just come to get something out of your Samsung fridge and noticed a little red light then don’t worry, it’s nothing big. It’s just your refrigerator’s way of telling you that you need to replace the water filter.

In this blog, we’ll tell you more about the light and what you need to do to reset it.

What does a red light mean on my Samsung fridge?

In the past, we’ve talked you through how to reset your Samsung fridge. But don’t worry, this fix won’t need to be nearly as in-depth as that.

As we said above, the red light on your Samsung refrigerator means that your water filter needs to be replaced. You can buy Samsung water filters online direct from the manufacturer and they can cost you anywhere from $25 – $40.

Although, there are a couple of different filters available, so make sure you know which one you need. You should be able to find this information in your user manual. But if you don’t have the manual or can’t find it, then most are also stored online. Just type “Samsung refrigerator” and the model number into Google and in the results you should see a link to an online version of your machine’s manual.

But that light wasn’t always red, right? So what happened?

How long does a Samsung fridge water filter last?

The water filter in your Samsung fridge is good for about 6 months. But this does depend on the type of water you’re running through it and how often it’s used. Locations with hard water may find that their filters need to be replaced every 3-4 months instead.

However, your new fridge is a clever appliance and it does have subtle ways of telling you how fresh its water filter is.

Chances are, when you got your shiny new Samsung fridge, depending on which model you bought, there was a blue or green light on the front. This light indicates that the water filter is new or at least good to use.

Over time this blue or green light will start to change to either a purple or pinky color and then eventually red when it needs to be replaced. The purple should start to appear after about 5 months or roughly 450 gallons and then turn red around month 6 or after roughly 500 gallons of water. Again, this is dependent on your water quality and usage.

So how do you replace the filter and reset the light?

Step-by-step guide on how to replace your water filter and reset the red filter light

Don’t worry if you’re not super-technical, as we said at the start, this is not a hard fix. Once you’ve uncovered the user manual and found out which filter you need, you’ll want to get it installed.

All you need to do is remove the old water filter by locating the housing at the bottom of the fridge. Turn the filter anti-clockwise to release it and replace it with the new filter by inserting and twisting clockwise.

How To: Replace The Water Filter On Your Samsung French Door Refrigerator Using Filter HAF-CIN

Once you’ve replaced the filter, it’s always worth running a gallon or two of water through it before you start to use it for drinking water. This will just help to flush out any extra sediment which may be lingering in the new filter.

Replacing the filter and running that water through the system should mean that your red light switches back to blue. But, if not, there are a couple of steps you can follow to complete a manual reset on the light.

Step 1

Locate the “Child Lock” and “Ice Type” buttons on your fridge’s interface.

Step 2

Press and hold both buttons in for 3 – 5 seconds. This should reset your light and return it to its original blue or green hue.

Other models may differ, so, before you wonder why that has changed the light back to its original setting you may want to try these other combinations too:

  • Press and hold the alarm button for 3 – 5 seconds
  • Press and hold the “Ice Type” or “Water” button for 3 – 5 seconds
  • Press and hold the “Ice” or “Water” button for 3 – 5 seconds
  • Press and hold the “Crushed Ice” button for 3 – 5 seconds

What if the red light is still showing?

As we said, the above process is not complex. But if in the unlikely event, you’ve bought a new water filter for your fridge, followed the above replacement steps and your light is still set on red, then we’d recommend having a chat with the manufacturer.

Sometimes the best thing to do is speak to the people who know it best, the ones who made it. Also, if the fridge is still under warranty, then you may not have to pay for the repairs or replacement.

What happens if I don’t replace my water filter?

If you don’t notice the red light or you haven’t been able to buy a new filter for a while, then don’t worry you won’t be doing yourself or your family any lasting damage.

However, you may start to see particles of sediment appearing in your drinking water. Apart from being a little unsightly and maybe a touch embarrassing if you invite the neighbors over for a drink, the bits shouldn’t do you any harm.

But, it’s best to play it safe and replace that filter as soon as you can.

In summary

Now you know everything you need to about that little red light on your Samsung fridge, as well as what to do about resetting it.

So, once you’ve flushed through that filter, you can start enjoying cool filtered water again in no time.

Why is my Samsung fridge not cooling?

It may be a problem with your door seals. Check the fridge is closing properly, if not warm air will be able to penetrate the door membrane and start warming your fridge.

How do I reset my Samsung fridge after power goes out?

Holding down the freeze and cool buttons together for five seconds should reset most models. If not, check the instructions for your individual model in the user manual.

How do I find the error code on my Samsung refrigerator?

Press the “Power Freeze” and “Power Cool” buttons on your display simultaneously for 8-10 seconds. The screen should then flash and an alert will sound, any error codes should then be displayed. If multiple codes are present they will roll across the screen.

How do I test my Samsung inverter board?

Remove the rear access panel on your machine and locate the circuit breaker labelled IVT Comp Signal. Unplug the connector and use a multimeter to test the voltage of the pins.

Why is the red light on my freezer?

The red light on your freezer is usually an indicator that your freezer is not the correct temperature for storing food. This may just be an issue with a door being opened or you may have to clean your condenser coils as the machine is not removing the warm air from its system efficiently.

Do I really need to change my refrigerator filter?

If you see a red light on the front of your Samsung fridge or you start to see particles in your filter water or you haven’t replaced the filter for more than 6 months – then yes, you need to change the filter.

How do you reset a Samsung refrigerator?

Some Samsung refrigerators will have a dedicated reset button that can be found under a small panel on the top of the fridge door.

How do I turn off energy saver on Samsung refrigerator?

The Energy Saver Mode on your Samsung fridge is turned on as standard at the factory. To turn this off simply locate the Energy Saver Mode button and press it to off.

What does the power freeze on Samsung fridge?

The Power Freeze setting cuts down the amount of time it takes to create a full tray of ice from 90 minutes to under an hour.

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