3 Super simple ways to reset your Samsung fridge

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Resetting a Samsung fridge that’s playing up

Let’s be honest, as soon as your Samsung fridge starts playing up, you instantly get that ‘How much is this going to cost me?’ question pops into your head. A lot of the time, it may be as simple as simply resetting it, so there is no need to worry.

As we are now in the age of smart tech, we are seeing more and more advanced systems being installed into fridges, which as you can imagine, lead to silly issues, that can be easily rectified with a quick reset, this goes for the Samsung fridge as well, they aren’t strangers to a quick reset.

When to reset your Samsung fridge

So, how do you know your fridge needs a reset? There are a few standard reasons:

  • The fridge is in shop mode
  • The power has recently been out and is now not acting as it should
  • You have an error message
  • The temperature display is flashing

How do you reset a Samsung fridge

To reset a Samsung fridge, hold the power freeze and power cool buttons together. If this doesn’t work, unplug the refrigerator for 30 seconds for an old-school reset, it’s worth also trying to leave it unplugged for 5 minutes to confirm there is no electrical charge left.

If you are still having problems resetting the fridge, you may be able to look up the error codes that it is throwing out, it’s easy to find out the exact error based on the code. These are all readily available online, we’ve also provided some below.

Where can you find the refrigerator reset instructions

We’ve already provided a way to reset your Samsung fridge, however, you may need to find the reset instructions related to your specific model. With Samsung having such a vast number of models and types, there will be slight variances between systems and how to reset them, however, it’s pretty simple to find the best reset method for your specific model.

  1. Find your Samsung fridge model number
  2. Search Google for ‘MODELNUMBER Samsung Refrigerator Manual PDF’
  3. This will show a number of sites where you can download your specific refrigerator instruction manual
  4. Find the troubleshooting area of the manual for reset instructions

Digging into the reasons a Samsung fridge needs a reset

Most of the time there will be an obvious reason why your fridge needs a reset, as we outlined above there are normally four key reasons. An error code, shop mode, a power outage or a flashing display.

What’s shop mode

When the refrigerator is in storage or in the showroom/store they are kept on shop mode. This allows them to still look like they are functioning as they should, without the cooling element.

It’s always going to look a lot better to the customer when you open the fridge, and the lights and fancy gadgets turn on, vs a bleak-looking shell. The shop mode can also come on with the press of certain buttons depending on the Samsung model you have.

Flashing temperature display

This is quite a common fault with Samsungs and is a pretty sure-fire way to know that your fridge needs a quick reset. Sometimes it can be as simple as the door being left open, causing the temp display to have problems, or food that’s too hot throwing everything off, there is a multitude of reasons.

Error codes

With the latest Samsung models, most will now provide you with an error code, which you can use to find out exactly what the problem with your Samsung fridge is.

CodesError code meaning
5EAn issue with the fridge defrost sensor
8EAn issue with the ice maker sensor
14EAn issue with ice production
22E & 22CAn issue with the fan that can be caused by the door being left open
33EAn issue with the ice pipe heater
39E & 39CAn issue with ice production
40E & 40CIce room fan issue
Flashing blue lights & 41 / 42The family hub needs to be restarted
41CSoftware update required
Autofill indicator flashing / 76CWater is filling in the auto-fill compartment. Check the water spillage at the bottom of the fridge84CCompressor issues due to high temperature85CThe power source is not providing a high enough voltage83E, 85E, 86E, or 88 88Circuit breaker issuesAll icons flashingThis isn’t actually an error code but rather that the fridge is running a self diagnostic programme ‘Ice Off’ blinkingThe ice bucket has not been inserted correctlyOF OF / OFFShop mode / demo mode turned on

Round up

Smart fridges in general, are doing exactly that, getting smarter, but with this comes issues. The more technology added to fridges, and in this case specifically, Samsung fridges, the more that can go wrong.

The fact that we have error codes with them, does allow us to diagnose the issues much faster but doesn’t make up for the number of things that can now go wrong: Displays, ice makers, touch screens, control panels, wifi, the list is endless.

With the right troubleshooting, we hope you can find the issue with your fridge, we hope it’s an ‘Ice Off’ issue rather than an 85E.

Frequently asked questions

Does a Samsung refrigerator have a reset button?

Some have a dedicated reset button that can be found under a small panel on the top of the fridge door. Pressing the ‘reset’ button or flipping it, will instantly reset the fridge.

How do I do a hard reset on my refrigerator?

Depending on the model, your fridge will have a different method to reset. Some will need to hold the freeze and cool buttons, others will need to be unplugged for 5 minutes and then plugged back in.

Why is my Samsung refrigerator not cooling?

Double-check that your door seals are intact and not worn or dirty. These seals if not maintained will cause gaps, which will in turn let warm air into the fridge, while allowing cold air to escape. This can also lead to long-term issues with the fridge.

How do I reset my Samsung refrigerator touch screen?

1. Find the removable panel in the top right of the fridge door
2. Find the red switch
3. Press the switch on / off to reset

How do I reset my Samsung fridge after the power goes out?

Simply hold down the freeze and cool buttons together for five seconds to reset the fridge, this works on most models.

Why is my refrigerator control panel blinking?

If the fridge is over 59°F the control panel may start to blink. Once the temperature has lowered back down to the standard levels this will stop. Make sure all your seals are well maintained, and the fridge is completely closed.

How do I force defrost my Samsung Fridge?

Hold down the power freeze and fridge buttons together for around 8 seconds, and wait until the display goes completely blank. Once done, press any button on the fridge, you should then see ‘Fd’ on the screen indicating that defrosting has begun.

How do I put my Samsung refrigerator in diagnostic mode?

A 13-second long press of the freezer and fridge buttons will put the fridge into diagnostic mode, you will hear a chime and the screen will flash letting you know it’s now in diagnostic mode.

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