Solving the Mystery of Your TV's Restarting Problem: 5 Fixes to Try

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Does your TV keep restarting?

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Here’s how to disable the timer setting and solve your restart problem.

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Fixing a TV That Keeps Restarting

TVs are a great source of entertainment, whether you’re binge-watching your favorite classic series or playing the latest video game. But what happens when your TV suddenly starts rebooting continuously, refusing to finish a single show? If your TV is stuck in an endless restart loop, this article will help you fix that problem.

Common Causes of TV Restarting

There could be a number of reasons why your TV is stuck in a restarting loop. Here are some of the most common causes:

Power Cables: If your power cables aren’t connected properly, they won’t be able to provide your TV with the necessary power. This can cause it to reboot repeatedly.

Software Problems: Old software can cause bugs that lead to crashing and restarting. Similarly, leftover data from uninstalled apps can also cause crashes.

HDMI Cable Issues: If a faulty appliance is connected to the HDMI cable, it can also affect your TV’s performance.

Now that we know the possible causes of your TV’s endless restarting loop, let’s look at how you can fix the problem.

Check the Power Cables

The easiest and quickest fix is to check the power cables that connect to your TV. Make sure they’re tightly connected, and that they haven’t come loose or damaged in any way.

Restart the TV

There’s always a chance that the problem could be fixed by simply restarting the TV. Disconnect the power cable and wait for at least 10 seconds before plugging it back in. Then wait until the TV restarts before testing if the problem is solved.

Factory Reset the TV

If the problem persists, then you can try factory resetting the TV. Using this option will delete all stored data from your TV, so make sure you back up anything important on your Google account beforehand.

Update Your Software

Software updates are essential for ensuring that your TV’s software is up-to-date with the latest bug fixes. Check if your TV has pending updates, and if so, install them as soon as possible.

Resetting the HDMI Cable Appliance

If the problem still isn’t solved, try resetting the appliance that’s connected to your TV’s HDMI cable. This process can vary depending on the appliance, so consult the user manual for instructions on how to reset it properly.

Instructions for LG and Sony TVs

For LG TVs, you may find that the restarting problem is caused by the timer setting being accidentally activated. To fix this problem, press “Home” on the LG remote control, navigate to “Settings” and choose “Time”. Next, select “Off Timer” and make sure that the time for shutting off the TV isn’t set.

TVs are great entertainment systems, but they can instead turn out to be a giant pain if they start to restart themselves time after time without being able to finish the process. By following the 5 fixes mentioned above, you should have your TV out of that shut-down, startup loop and back to showing you your favorite series.

Press “Home” on the LG remote
Select “Settings”
Select “Timer”
Click on the “Off” button on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
Your TV should now be free from an automatic shutdown timer. Test it to see if it still restarts on its own. If it does, move on to the other fixes in this article.

For Sony TVs, you should try factory resetting the device. This option can be found in the “Settings” menu. Once you reset the TV, you’ll need to configure the settings again, but this should fix any software problems that were causing the restarting loop.

Preventing Your TV from Restarting

Once you’ve fixed the problem, you may want to take steps to prevent it from happening again. Ideally, you should keep your TV’s software updated regularly. Additionally, make sure that all appliances connected to the HDMI cable are working properly and not causing any issues. Finally, if you’re leaving your TV on while you’re away, consider disabling the auto-off timer.


If your TV has been stuck in a restarting loop, the 5 fixes listed in this article should help you solve the problem. Start by checking that your power cables are securely connected to the TV. Then, try restarting the TV, factory resetting it, updating your software, and resetting the appliance that’s connected to your HDMI cable. Finally, if you have a Sony or LG TV, there are some more specific instructions for you too.

Expert Tip:

One way to ensure your TV is running optimally is to check for any available software updates every month. This will ensure you have the latest bug fixes and other improvements, helping you avoid problems like restarting.

Before attempting any of these fixes, make sure you unplug the power cord of your TV, wait a few minutes, and then plug it back in. This simple step can help to reset the TV and could solve the problem.

If the restarting problem still persists, you could try disabling your TV’s “Quick Start” setting, as this can sometimes cause the TV to restart. To do this, press the “Home” button on your remote, select “Settings” and choose “System Settings”. You should then see an option called “Quick Start+” or “Quick Start”. Make sure it is turned off.

It’s also possible that the problem is caused by overheated components inside your TV, so try giving it some time to cool down. Make sure the TV has sufficient airflow by checking for large objects blocking the ventilation grilles at the back. Finally, you can try manually resetting the TV’s internal processor. Keep in mind that this should only be done by experienced technicians, as it could void your warranty.

Another potential cause of the restarting issue could be a faulty cable box or set-top box. If the television is connected to one of these, try disconnecting and resetting it. As with resetting the HDMI appliance, you will need to consult the user manual for instructions on how to do this.

Finally, if all else fails, consider taking your TV to a repair shop. A professional technician may be able to find the exact cause of the problem and fix it quickly. Be sure to check the website of the specific repairs shop you are visiting to make sure they have experience with fixing similar issues.

In conclusion, if you’re having trouble with your TV continuously restarting, there are several potential fixes you can try. Start by checking that your power cables are connected properly, and then try restarting the TV, factory resetting it, updating your software and resetting any appliances connected via HDMI. Additionally, consider turning off the quick start setting, allowing the TV to cool down, and manually resetting the processor. If all else fails, take your TV to a repair shop.

While troubleshooting any appliance can be a challenge, with a little bit of knowledge, anyone can fix their own TV. Hopefully this article has given you the information you need to tackle your restarting problem and get your TV working again.

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